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About Project One Autosports LLC

The Project One Difference

1) Save money - Due to the most efficient and streamlined operations, Project One is able to pass on the savings to consumers. The Company's online centric business model guarantees a traditional dealership will not be price competitive due to higher costs associated with a traditional brick-and-mortar dealership. Even the most notable hassle-free dealerships such as CarMax, still operate with a traditional brick-and-mortar business model and cannot compete against virtual dealerships. Traditional dealerships will NOT be able to compete on price even after negotiating due to Project One’s streamlined operations, lower operating costs and virtual dealership model. While price is not the only differentiator, price is the number one factor in a consumer's decision-making process.

2) Enjoyable experience - Project One guarantees closing within 30 minutes assuming financing is already cleared. On average, a consumer spends over 5 hours on the lot of a traditional dealership before driving off with the vehicle. This excessive time consists of negotiating price; interactions between salesmen, managers and other internal bureaucracies; wait time; and closing with finance manager. In fact, traditional dealerships make an effort to hold the customer on the premise for as long as possible in order to increase the likelihood of a transaction. Project One takes a radically different approach and eliminates time consuming procedures embedded in traditional transaction processes. In addition, the consumer demands complete transparency throughout the entire buying process and prefers immediate access to the quality of the vehicle, the repairs and service performed on the automobile, and potential upcoming maintenance in the near term.

3) Informative - While the traditional dealership employs salespeople trained to maximize gross profit, Project One employs auto consultants who are not only educated on current automobiles in the inventory but also what the competition is listing. Unlike traditional salesmen, Project One will hire professionals with the following traits: (i) understanding of Project One value proposition and ability to sell the platform; (ii) passion and understanding of auto industry; (iii) polished and professional demeanor over the phone; and (iv) ability to advise consumer on their second largest purchase next to a home.

4) Quality Guaranteed -Take the worry out of buying sight unseen with Project One Auto’s 3 day Buy Back Guarantee. Project One Auto guarantees all vehicles sold with a 3 day Buy Back Guarantee.

5) Complete Transparency - We tell you how our competitors price vehicles with our proprietary pricing analytics. Project One takes every measure possible to ensure our entire inventory is priced better than competitors.

6) Virtual experience - Project One's innovative virtual showroom provides consumers the ability to view the vehicle online as if they were physically on the showroom floor, ensuring long distance buyers are comfortable purchasing a vehicle site unseen. Besides price, the next most important differentiator for online dealerships is merchandising so it is critical to create the most dynamic, virtual buying experience. The following highlights the main differentiators of Project One's merchandising system: (i) full walk-around video of vehicle; (ii) test drive video from interior mounted camera; (iii) over 75 high resolution photographs per vehicle; (iv) detailed, thorough, yet clean text description; (v) KBB and Black Book retail prices; and (vi) a brief description of Project One highlighting its unique business model. In addition, when a consumer progresses through the purchasing process, the auto consultant will do a live walk around and test drive similar to Skype technology. The unique and superior merchandising features will improve the online buying experience, serve as a differentiator to online competitors, and provide the consumer the ultimate virtual buying experience.

Dealership Info

Project One was created to redefine the automotive buying experience on the principle that purchasing an automobile should be an enjoyable process considering it is one of the most expensive purchases of a lifetime. Management seeks to create the most convenient, efficient automobile buying experience by running a non-traditional dealership centered around the consumer and addressing current problems in the automotive retail industry. Project One's low overhead model, virtual warehouse and automated operating systems enable the Company to price vehicles more competitively than traditional brick-and-mortar dealerships and simultaneously improve the value proposition or convenience throughout the buying process.

Case Studies

The same transition occurring in the book retailing industry from the traditional brick-and-mortar model such as Borders or Barnes & Noble to the virtual Amazon.com model has been and continues to occur in the automotive marketplace. The transition of book retailing from the brick-and-mortar model to the virtual online bookstore has changed the way consumers purchase books. Benefits of a virtual book retailer include better pricing, improved convenience, a wider selection, and an overall more enjoyable shopping experience. Traditional brick-and-mortar book retailers including Barnes & Noble and Borders dominated the retail market until the emergence of Amazon.com. Before the virtual store, the brick-and-mortar store was the best option; but, after the introduction of Amazon.com, consumers realized the virtual bookstore model results in better pricing and an improved buying experience. As a result, Borders is filing bankruptcy and Barnes & Noble is surviving through the Nook, the mobile reading device. Project One is well positioned to capture this trend through (i) an automated operating processes, (ii) a virtual-based online experience with superior merchandising, (iii) non-traditional auto consultants managing the sales process, and (iv) industry leading pricing.

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